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When Huggies originally approached me about their No Baby Unhugged program, which includes providing hugging grants to NICU’s across the US, I couldn’t jump at the chance to work together quick enough. Although Zain never entered the NICU (that 13 minutes they debated it seemed like years to me) we have had our fair share of NICU experience and I know firsthand how amazing and special the nurses are. 


Despite having friends who work in the NICU and hearing their stories for years, nothing will ever quite prepare you for seeing the tiniest humans in there. When my niece and nephew came into this world a bit early we knew we were in for a bit of a haul. I can so vividly remember the days visiting the NICU, sitting in the halls, holding them with gowns and masks on and never really feeling relief. There are so many crazy up’s and down’s with any hospital stay and when the patient is the tiniest most innocent person you’ve ever met it makes it so much more difficult.

When we first met their nurse Kelly, we knew she was meant for them. She was their biggest champion and advocate and I’m not sure my family could have survived those two months without her. It’s so wonderful to see the bond she has with my niece and nephew that has lasted well past their time in the NICU. It’s hard to believe they will turn 5 this year and it’s so lovely that we still see Kelly at every birthday party. She was so much a part of their and my family’s life and it’s hard to find the words to thank her. 

Now that my newest niece has made a surprise entrance and is busy growing in the NICU, we are finding those same emotions resurface all over again. Every day brings new challenges, surprises and worries but the nurses are so amazing at calming your fears and reassuring you. My niece’s hospital is extraordinary in that each baby has their own room and is able to be viewed 24 hours a day by camera. It’s nice that even though we can’t be there everyday to see her, we can log on and watch her in her room. 

The NICU nurses really carry their work home with them and I’ve learned it’s so much more than just a job to them. I’m not sure I could ever be that strong but I can’t thank them enough. I’m honored to join with Huggies to shed some light on the life changing work they do and help support them and the babies they care for.

During our stint in the NICU, we often saw volunteers come in to hold the babies. It wasn’t something I had thought a lot about before actually being there but quickly learned how important those volunteers and their touch was. Many of the babies in a NICU will be there for extended stays and their parents and family will live out of town and often times have to return to work. Since that human touch and comfort is so important, these sweet volunteers come around and hold each baby that needs it. 

Recently, a Huggies study titled “The Power of Human Touch for Babies“ showed that skin-to-skin hugs can do more than just calm a crying baby. These important hugs can help maintain a baby’s heart beat, improve sleep and support healthy weight gain.

With this in mind, No Baby Unhugged program was born. It’s Huggies vision to ensure all babies get the hugs they need. As part of this larger program to leave no baby unhugged, Huggies is awarding $10,000 grants to 25 eligible hospitals throughout 2017 to enable them to launch a new volunteer hugging program or expand support for an existing program. I can’t stress how important these programs are after witnessing them first hand and now everyone can get involved. Sign up at Huggies.com/NoBabyUnhugged to become a member and Huggies will donate $5 to No Baby Unhugged grants.

We use both the Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers and Huggies Natural Care Wipes at home with Zain and he loves them. They’re much softer than anything else we had tried on him and he seems to love the feel. I have a lot of weird skin sensitivities so I really worried about that with Zain in the beginning and love that the diapers are hypoallergenic and fragrance free. It’s also nice that the wipes are sensitive but actually work. I had found a lot of the ‘sensitive’ products we tried didn’t work well and left me using tons of wipes. These are also fragrance, paraben and alcohol free which makes me happy while allowing me some peace of mind.

Make sure you guys stop by Huggies.com/NoBabyUnhugged to become a member! It’s so easy to register and you can help contribute to the No Baby Unhugged program hugging grants and all the important work they support! Feel free to reach out with any questions you might have!


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This post is sponsored by Huggies. As always, all opinions are 100% my own and thank you for supporting brands that make Lows to Luxe possible!


Huggies – the fastest growing diaper brand in U.S. hospitals – believes deeply in the Power of Hugs, which is why every diaper and wipe is inspired by a parent’s embrace. The Huggies No Baby Unhugged program helps ensure all babies get the hugs they need to thrive by supporting hugging programs in hospitals and donating diapers across the country. Learn how you can help at Huggies.com/NoBabyUnhugged

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