The Best Podcasts You Should Be Listening To Right Now

I have to admit, I was never much of a podcast girl before the past year. Trevor has been listening to them forever and does such a great job at finding new interesting series to listen to. Podcasts help pass the time in the car so well and I’ve now found myself listening to them over the weekend at home. 


best podcasts right now

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I know everyone got on board with Serial, we listened and I was obsessed as well. There are so many more amazing series to explore and I thought I would share a few I am enjoying and see if you guys have any recommendations!


StoryCorps: This podcast on NPR is one of my favorites. They travel the country collecting stories of everyday people and have them interview each other about their lives. The unscripted conversations are always unique and I think it’s one everyone would enjoy. 


Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History: If you happen to be a history buff this one may be for you. I didn’t think these were my style but on long road trips Trevor tends to play them since they last 3-4 hours.


Undisclosed: Want more Serial? This is it. I was a bit skeptical of this podcast from the get go since it is co hosted by Rabia Chaudry. If you remember, she was a family friend of Adnan Syed and a lawyer who vigorously defended his innocence. However, this show hosted by other lawyers examines evidence serial missed and more of the court system which I found interesting. 


Only Human: Another NPR podcast that tells the stories of patients, physicians and everyone impacted by our modern healthcare system. The episodes are diverse in topic and always interesting. 


I am getting ready to dive into Accused, have you listened? I love murder mysteries and this one is about a 23 year old girl that was murdered days after her graduation in Ohio. I’ve heard great things about the series so I will keep you updated. 

Make sure to leave any recommendations you have, I’m always looking for a fun new addition! 


20 thoughts on “The Best Podcasts You Should Be Listening To Right Now

  1. Stefanie Eadie

    i have only listened to serial on podcast and i really enjoyed it! i will have to check these out because we take lots of road trips! xoxo // Stefanie, According to Blaire

  2. SarahLagen

    I love podcasts, I will listen to almost anything that NPR makes!! I’ve listened to Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History before, really good (and long!) shows!

    xo, Sarah

  3. JR

    I have a long commute and love true crime Podcasts so I have listened to Serial, Undisclosed, Accused and recently In the Dark, about the Jacob Wetterling case. On another note, I have been listening to My Favorite Murder. Give it a few episodes to get past the fact that the two women are nonchalantly talking about murder and often making jokes. You will know from the onset if this is your type of humor. I laugh out loud at their one liners but they really have a true interest in murders both solved and unsolved.


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