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Hi there & thank you so much for stopping by this little site of mine! I am originally a Kentucky girl that currently lives in the Bucktown neighborhood in Chicago, IL with my husband Trevor. I moved here 6 years ago after finishing dentistry to pursue a hospital residency at Loyola University. Upon completion and working in private practice I decided to explore the blogging world and Lows to Luxe was really born from my love of mixing all types of price points to create a fun and attainable style. I now share everything from fashion & style to recipes, beauty, travel & interior design!

I still work as a dentist in the Rogers Park neighborhood and love to spend her free time with my nieces & nephew, family & friends & husband. I’m so excited I am able to balance my profession and passion for blogging and thank you for supporting that. My other passions include everything from traveling, cooking new recipes & the occasional reality tv show! I have also found a new love behind the lens and am trying to explore photography as much as I can.

I often am asked about my own photos and they are almost always shot by my friend Blair or my husband. I currently shoot with a Canon ES Rebel T3i & a 50 mm lens but am hoping to switch soon so send any recommendations!

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I love working with brand & companies that are a good fit for Lows to Luxe! If you are interested feel free to email me at lowstoluxe@gmail.com. I will always express my own opinions and thoughts & will return any items received that are not a good fit.