Snow Boots I Can Get On Board With

winter style

white cocoon coat

plaid shirt

grey scarf

sorel snow boots

grey watch

sorel snow boots

high ponytail

sorel snow boots

winter white outfit

easy winter outfit


Coat: Nordstrom | Sweater: J.Crew | Scarf: ASOS | Jeans: Loft (c/o) | Socks: J.Crew | Boots: Sorel (c/o) | Purse: Vera Bradley (c/o) | Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Generally speaking I am not a huge snow boots girl mostly because I’m not a fan of the way they look. After living in Chicago for almost 6 years I still didn’t own any and I know how crazy that is. When it snows I usually throw on my rain boots (which are not warm – huge problem) to get me to where I need to go and then change into whatever I want. My problem was solved when I spotted these Sorel boots!

Most winter boots tend to be bulky and not very aesthetically pleasing which is why it always made the purchase so difficult for me. So I was beyond excited when I saw this army green on the Sorel site! After stalking them I asked a ton of friends what brand was best for real snow and freezing winds and everyone’s answer was the same – Sorel. These boots had the perfect tie up laces with straps and are easy for me to pair with any outfit!

With the temps dropping significantly here in Chicago (5 degrees here yesterday – yikes) I’m glad to have these! I threw these on this weekend with a warm pair of socks and stayed toasty all day. I first wore them them with this grey and white neutral outfit for a day at Buzz coffee shop writing and editing pics.

This cocoon coat was an old purchase that I pull out time and time again because I can fit so much underneath it – layers are key in the cold. The ponytail was cute that day but quickly that option is going to be lost since it’s so cold I will always need a hat!

Let me know what your go to snow boot is and trust me when I say these boots are perfection & the best idea if you are in the market. Happy Monday people (is that at thing?)



12 thoughts on “Snow Boots I Can Get On Board With

  1. Jess Zimlich

    My friends and I always joke about how it looks like we’re wearing moon shoes, but these are far from it! Annnd I’m with you on not being able to wear your hair up. I usually toss mine in a little ponytail before work most mornings, but my neck freezes if I don’t have a scarf. True fashion problems haha. Happy Monday is a thing!…sometimes…we’ll go with it today 🙂

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