9 Unusual Light Fixtures You Need

Since finishing our bedroom, living room (mostly) and office space. I have taken a bit of a break from decorating. Trying to tackle everything at once can get exhausting, and also expensive. With fall officially upon us, it has been getting darker in our place a lot earlier.

One amazing perk about our new home is the natural light. Not only is the home flooded with windows, it also has sky lights all across the living area. Since moving in, we have rarely turned on a light. 

That’s sadly starting to change as it gets dark while we are still working or having dinner and I now need to make some lighting decisions. Our living room is in desperate need of a new floor lamp and I have been putting off buying one till I find the perfect fit. Our bedroom and second room also need ceiling fixtures in a bad way. I am focusing on more neutral tones so I can reuse them in a new space but love some of the bold textures and metals on these. 

The great thing about lighting is that it is moveable. Anything we invest in now, I plan to take with us so I’m a little more apt to spring for something quality that we can keep long term. I rounded up a few of my favorite unusual light fixtures and need you to weigh in! 

Let me know if you are loving any of them and if you have any good finds yourself! There are so many lighting options and so many stores, I know I couldn’t possibly have searched everywhere. 

Hope you guys had a great week and enjoy the weekend! 


22 thoughts on “9 Unusual Light Fixtures You Need

  1. Hillary

    I love decorating and can’t wait til I get my own place to design the space! I love cool lighting fixtures, but I’m with you, the natural light it so much better. The one on the right in the middle, is my favorite! Happy shopping, can’t wait to see what you choose!



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