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I think January is always a month where people try to focus a little more on their health, well being and fitness so I’ve been trying to share more of my daily meals and recipes over on Instagram stories. I’m so glad you guys are enjoying them but it’s also so hard for me to give all the recipe details in those tiny frames, ha!  

So I thought today I could share a few of the most popular and break down just how easy and simple they are. I am not a fan of recipes that require a ton of miscellaneous ingredients because they end up getting tossed and it must be easy. No one has energy at the end of the day to whip up some magical meal (well, not me) so these are all quick and simple. If you try them out make sure to tag me on stories and hope they help ease your cooking burden!


Greek Chicken and Quinoa

Greek chicken and quinoa

This was a recent idea and we absolutely loved it! Trevor asked for it to be added to a weekly rotation 🙂 I grabbed the Fresh Thyme Tzatziki Sauce for the first time and it was so delicious. It’s made from Greek Yogurt and the perfect pairing! If you don’t have a Fresh Thyme the Trader Joe’s one is good too and I’m sure most grocery stores have a version. Also, as far as the Spiceology seasoning you can always find something similar. I had shared with you all that I bought their holiday pack for Trevor for Christmas since he’s so into grilling but it’s honestly been the best gift for me 🙂 Their seasonings make cooking so easy and I highly recommend.  



1 lb Organic Chicken Breasts, cubed

Spiceology Greek Feast Seasoning

Trader Joe’s Frozen Fully Cooked Quinoa

Handful Cherry Tomatoes, halved

1 Cucumber, chopped

1/2 Cup Feta Cheese

Fresh Thyme Tzatziki Sauce


Lemon, juiced to taste



Set your over to 425 and coat a baking pan with Olive Oil spray

Lightly coat your chicken with EVOO and generously cover with seasoning

Cook for 25 minutes in oven, flipping half way through

While chicken is baking warm the Quinoa on the stove.

Add quinoa, cucumber, feta to bowl (olives would have been good too!) and season with S&P and juice a lemon over it all and mix.

Serve with Tzatziki sauce!


Taco Bowls

This is another favorite that is easy to switch up the protein and keep making new! It’s a spin on an old recipe I made when we were doing Whole 30. I will share my original combination but you can always sub ground turkey, chicken or a veg option for the protein and switch up the toppings! 


1 lb Lean Ground Beef

2 Sweet Potatoes

Handful of Mini Peppers

1 Avocado

Romaine Lettuce

Trader Joe’s Hot and Sweet Jalapeños 

Trader Joe’s Sriracha Ranch



Spray a pan with Olive Oil cooking spray (I use Whole Foods) and add sweet potato and peppers. Season with taco seasoning—I make my own!

Sauté for a few minutes and then cover and cook for 10-15 minutes until your potatoes are to your desired softness. Set aside.

SautĂ© your ground beef with the same taco seasoning and drain any liquid. 

Fill bowl with romaine and layer your ingredients. Top with a touch of ranch and your favorite hot sauce! 



Cauliflower Pizza

bbq chicken pizza


I’ve been mixing this up with anything and everything in my fridge! Seersucker and Saddles inspired me with hers and I’ve just gone wild with them. Side note: if you haven’t bought her e-cookbook, you should. I love it and have been using it a lot! I like the cauliflower crust from Whole Foods the best but Trader Joe’s works too. I just bake the crust according to the package and take it out of the oven a few minutes prior to finishing. Top with just about anything from the traditional tomato sauce, mozzarella and pepperoni or try a chicken combo. I have recently loved BBQ sauce with sautĂ©d chicken and red onions with a little parmesan on top! To make it even easier you can grab the ‘Plain Chicken’ from Trader Joe’s and I just chop it into chunks and warm it on a pan before throwing it on the pizza. 

Once you have your toppings on there throw it back in the oven for a few minutes and viola! I usually serve with some kind of salad and it really fills our craving for pizza. Make sure you are pilling the protein and veggies on top so you aren’t left hungry after 🙂 



Hope these are a little helpful and share any quick meal hacks you have below for all of us to use! 


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