How To Start Your Morning Right

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Weekend mornings have started to become something I look forward to, more often than I did before. With Trevor working so much, Saturday and Sunday mornings are a great time for us to relax and take it slow together.

Let me tell you, besides changing our weekend morning goals we also really stepped up our sleep game! After upgrading our bed to a king last year (life changer!) we finally got a new mattress, pillows & bedding from Brooklyn Bedding and I think you might need it too.

We needed something easy and deliverable and Brooklyn Bedding had some amazing reviews not just online but from our friends. Everything arrived in two boxes and it was kind of magical to watch it expand. We unpacked everything the night we received it and let it rest overnight. The mattress comes compressed for shipping so we wanted to make sure it fully expanded. The next morning we switched everything out and I don’t think we will ever go back.

The mattress we picked was medium firmness and I think it’s a great combination of firm and plush. On top of loving the mattress, the sheets were just a whole new level! We had been using linen sheets but these are a more silky feel. It keeps us cool at night which is a huge plus for Trevor (who is always hot!) and allows us to agree on a temperature in the house. 

We have also been taking it really slow. No more jumping out of bed to go to the gym or run errands. Instead, we usually stay in bed and watch a bit of whatever HBO series we are currently diving into (Game of Thrones right now – let’s talk more about that at a later date…) and have our coffee in bed. This past weekend was a real treat because Trevor picked up fresh banana nut bread and blueberry muffins from the farmer’s market that comes to his hospital.

I really don’t need to be keeping baked goods around the house but these were so fresh and it was so thoughtful of him – also, I’m not one to turn down a pastry so we enjoyed them. We have also been trying to read a lot more lately and enjoy the morning time with no phones or computers.

How do you guys start your morning right?


breakfast in bed

brooklyn bedding

breakfast in bed

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breakfast in bed

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brooklyn bedding



20 thoughts on “How To Start Your Morning Right

  1. Nicole Kestenbaum

    We’ve been talking about getting a new mattress for the longest time but we always say how much harder it’ll be to get up in the mornings! LOL I gu3ess we’ll have to give in sooner or later to start the morning off better just like you.

  2. January

    Don’t know what I’d do without my king size bed!! Seriously THE best!! I try to always start my mornings with devotion time and an iced coffee on the patio. Helps get the day started on the right note! 😉


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