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jacket: Nordstrom | sweater: Forever 21 | jeans: Rag & Bone (c/o) | sneakers: Ash (on sale) | sunglasses: J.Crew | purse: Chanel (similar)

don’t you love crazy days when try to get way too much done? story of my life lately. last week i was excited to go into work a bit late and wanted to do so many things before heading to the office. i met a few girlfriends for brunch at The Winchester and ran a few errands after. It was my first time & i must say i loved the aesthetic inside & my avocado toast was probably the best i’ve had yet. it had the perfect kick to it & if you haven’t tried it & live in the city i would highly recommend it!

i threw together some of my favorite staples i knew i could run around the city in & still feel comfortable in. these wedges were a great outlet find last year and i have every intention to keep them in constant rotation. they feel like flats so i don’t have to worry about my feet hurting when i know i’ll be gone all day! i picked up this buffalo plaid jacket last year but they’ve brought it back again this season and i will say the textured sweater sleeves and lightness are on point and the price can’t be beat.

i stuck to my normal weekday routine of no makeup & hair pulled back in a bun. it’s easy for me & if i’m feeling especially tired i’ll throw on some blush to add some color. maybe it’s because of my mother but she has never worn makeup. even now the most she will wear to parties is some eyeliner & her skin in amazing! i have no idea if the no makeup is why but i’m okay trying!

hope you guys are surviving the gloomy weather this week & at least the sun has peeked out today!



*photos by Ashley Hutchinson


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