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As a little Indian girl growing up in Kentucky I would be lying if I said I ‘fit in’ Sure, I had Indian girl friends but the majority of the people that surrounded me did not look like me. As a child you tend to see anything that makes you different as a bad thing. Everyone just wants to blend in and not draw too much attention to themselves. For me, that meant wishing my lips weren’t so big and that I had a cute little button nose. 


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I mean how beautiful is my mom? Not sure why she loved that bowl cut on me but I was super pumped for cake in this picture! Some things never change…


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It was nice to have a protective and supportive older brother growing up. Again, the bowl cut! I’m also holding my mom’s handbag – guess some things never change!


Many of those things I used to be embarrassed about I have grown to love and embrace as a confidant woman. I remember going to sleep night at night in middle school holding my lips together hoping when I woke up they would be smaller. Now, women all over the world pay to have foreign material squirted into theirs to look the same. How the perspective changes!


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I’m lucky that my mom and close friends always encouraged my differences and told me how beautiful they were. I think girls can easily be held back from their full potential when anxiety over their appearance takes over. I’m so proud to partner with Dove again to encourage and educate young women on how to be confident in their sense of self and develop healthy behavior. 

Now, I try with my nieces and nephew to always encourage their individuality without putting too much emphasis on their outward appearance. It’s hard because they are so stinking cute haha but I try! Dove is doing such an amazing job of bringing this conversation to light and launching the Take a New Look program! Make sure to head to their site and download a coupon for the month of November and support their products that make such an important impact. 


dove take a look


I have always used the Dove White Beauty Bar because it keeps my skin hydrated, especially during Chicago winters but just added the Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash to my routine and am loving it. Have you guys tried any of these? You can pick them up at your local Jewel Osco and most major retailers and remember to love on yourself just a little extra every now and then! 


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dove take new look

dove take new look


This post was sponsored by Mirum Shopper. As always, all opinions are my own and thank you for supporting brands that make Lows to Luxe possible! #TakeaNewLookNovember


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    I swear by Dove! It’s the best. I haven’t tried some of these products though but I definitely need to!!


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