7 Easy Arm Exercises You Can Do At Home

Anyone else always searching for easy arm exercises you can do at home?

It’s been almost two years since I belonged to a gym. I got tired of the same routine of classes and felt like I wasn’t utilizing it enough with my weird work hours for it to really be worth the cost. Since then I have tried to find ways to stay in shape outside of the gym and have recently been using this arm workout and it has done wonders so I thought I would share!

I love running but know I need to be using weights too. As I get older (ugh…) my arms seem to morph into legs very quickly. I used to take my muscle definition for granted but soon realized those gym classes were doing more than I thought. I’ve searched far and wide for at home routines that I can stick with and it’s not easy. Getting up early or after work when you really just wanna lay down is a struggle but it makes it much easier when it’s quick and you can do it in the living room.


This routine has been so easy to do at night when I get home from work while I catch the news or a TV show I have recorded. I do 3 sets of 10 on each exercise and try to make it happen at least 2-3 times a week.

Let me know what at home tricks you have and what works for you!


Arm Circles: Make sure to keep your palms facing the ground and you can rotate clockwise and counter clockwise.

arm circles


Overhead Press: One of my favorite exercises! Make sure you take it slow and concentrate on the motions. Sometimes rushing these and any exercise can cause sloppy form.

overhead press


Tricep Dip: I usually use the ledge of our fireplace or the seat of a chair to hold myself up for these. Make sure to keep your elbows bent and bottom straight in line.

tricep dip


Bicep Curl: Keep those palms facing forward and those elbows glued to your side.

bicep curl


Bicep Kickback: Keep your arm elevated as much as you can and your back straight.

bicep kickback


Reverse Fly: Take these slow and refrain from just dropping your arms down after each lift.

reverse fly


Upright Row: Keep a slight bend in your knee and that back flat!

easy arm exercises



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