How Do You Like To Indulge?

Happy Friday guys! I hope you all got to take advantage of the #NSale yesterday and can now relax because today is all about kicking back and rewarding yourself. Sometimes, work and all of life’s stresses can get exhausting. Everyone is balancing something or another and it’s so essential to unwind. I have to be honest, I usually unwind in two ways: working out or eating. Anyone else?

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magnum chocolate bars

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magnum ice cream bars

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magnum chocolate bar

As long as each of those is done with balance I feel okay about it (eating an entire bag of chips after work though…I’m working on that) Today is all about the ultimate chocolate indulgence. If you know me, you know I love chocolate. It’s a strong genetic trait passed down in the Khan family. My dad keeps chocolate all over the house and always has these Magnum chocolate bars in the freezer. When I found out I would teaming up with them on today’s post I immediately called my dad and he may have been happier than when I graduated from Dental School. My brother also has a secret cabinet in his house with chocolate and I always have some hidden around our place.

The Magnum chocolate bars have always been an after dinner treat in our house and now these new Magnum double dipped ice cream bars & flavors have kicked it up a notch! The chocolate exterior is lined with delicious raspberry, caramel or other flavors and then has another layer of chocolate and ice cream. I mean, what else is there to say? I love that they are sold in smaller quantities so I don’t feel like I over indulge and their smaller size makes it feel light.

My personal favorites are the Double Chocolate Raspberry and I usually have them after I finish the blog posts on my to do list or if I had an insane day with patients. Trevor likes the Double Chocolate Caramel best and he indulges whenever he wants, ha. They also have Double Chocolate and Double Chocolate Vanilla and to be honest you can’t really go wrong. What do you guys do to reward yourself after completing a goal? 

I usually grab them at Target and right now until 07/30 Target is having a special peel away offer that you can get all the details on at the bottom of the post! You know we all leave Target with 400 more things than we intended to so make sure you add these to your list! You can also share your own indulgence – anything from bubble baths to movie nights on social media with the hashtag #MyMagnumIndulgence to be entered to win a $25 gift card to Target!

Hope you all get a little chance to indulge this weekend. We are off to Michigan tomorrow and then to the Windy City Smokeout on Sunday. Let me know if you will be there and happy Friday!



This post was sponsored by Mirum Shopper. As always, all opinions are 100% my own and thank you for supporting brands that make Lows to Luxe possible!


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  1. Julie Wood

    I like to indulge in Chocolate, especially with ice cream to make my day perfect!



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