5 Healthy Ways To Start Your Week

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Now that Thanksgiving is over, everyone seems to be in detox mode. The stretchy pants are tight and I happily indulged all weekend but am excited to get back into a healthy routine. Prior to the holiday things had been a bit hectic around here. I cut back on blogging (thanks for hanging in there with me!) and had found myself stretched too thin and exhausted.  

The holiday came at the perfect time and was great to reset, spend time with family and relax! Now that I’m back in full swing, I have been trying to start my day healthier so that I can attempt to finish it that way too. 


Meal Planning: This is my biggest help but also takes a ton of time. I don’t meal plan in the traditional sense meaning I don’t create meals and put them in containers for the week. I get tired of meals like that and never feel like it’s fresh. Instead, I try to prep everything I can for my menu that week. I will make a crockpot meal, dinner Sunday night and try to tackle any long steps needed for dinners during the week. That way when I come home dinner is ready in a few simple steps!


No Technology: This is hard in the morning as far as the blog goes but has been manageable. I don’t log on to anything for an hour after I get up. After that, I share my blog post for the day on social but still stay off my phone. It helps you more than you think with relaxation!


Eat Breakfast: When I start the week off with an unhealthy or indulgent breakfast, it tends to continue for the rest of the week. I have been trying to start with a healthy acai bowl or oatmeal, fruits and a smoothie lately and loving it! 


Drink Lots of Water: I know everyone says this but I started carrying a eco cup with me and have been downing at least 8 glasses a day of water. My skin has been so much better and my energy. Stay hydrated y’all! 


Take Your Vitamins: I had fallen off the vitamin wagon for quiet some time and was missing my Flinestone’s. When I ventured back into it I realized I was a bit too old for those now and have been loving Olly Vitamins. I usually snag them at Target and they focus on different goals so you can tailor them to your needs. 



What have you guys been doing to try to stay healthy? I feel like the winter is so challenging because I just want to snuggle on the couch in pajama’s and eat takeout…


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