my weekend uniform.











coat: Patagonia (similar) | sweater: Forever 21 | shirt: Forever 21 | leggings: BCBG (similar) | shoes: Nike | handbag: Tory Burch (similar) | hat: Gap

hello there, sorry i’ve been a bit MIA! i was hoping to get this post up yesterday but i had a terrible stomach bug over the weekend it’s still lingering…which is the worst. after staying on the couch the whole weekend i was happy to head to work yesterday (crazy, i know) & get out of the house. the day got busy and well here we are.

i hope you guys had a better weekend & i’m kind of excited about this post and sharing my usual weekend uniform. i wore this the weekend before to head out for coffee w/ friends & to try to get some to do’s checked off. this gold puffer has been a winter lifesaver! i highly suggest finding one you love in a fun neutral shade so you can wear it non stop. i threw on my faux leather leggings & favorite nike’s and was cozy and warm all day. i found a pair of similar sneakers for only $65 online which is almost half what they are everywhere else. if you grab them let me know how you like them! i added my pom pom beanie and my carry all to tote my laptop and many lists around and was able to get everything checked off my list.

hope everyone is staying warm & safe with this crazy weather today!



photography by Ashley Hutchinson


12 thoughts on “my weekend uniform.

  1. Katharine

    Loving this post and your go-to weekend look! I hope you are feeling better but rest assured this post made me want your faux leather leggings! I need another pair of black leggings like I need a hole in my head but that’s never stopped me before!

  2. Ashley

    Love that gold puffer Shaheen!! You were so gorgeous in your weekend uniform – you’re right that a neutral puffer can really bring an outfit together in dingy winter!!


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