statement jewels.

statement jewels.
well it’s time for another edition of lust, must, why not? on the blog!
  • this week we’ll be tackling some serious statement pieces. whether you want to add preppy flair or some serious edge, a bold necklace is the way to go.
  • depending on how long you want to invest in this piece and it’s function i would decide which category you want to fall in. everything in the third column is under $30 and it goes up from there.
  • for me, this jewelry is more trendy and most intricate pieces are difficult to continually recycle in my wardrobe so i tend to stay on the low side! if you have something specific you want to splurge on i rec’md it as long as you see it being a piece of longevity in your jewelery box.
  • it’s hard to locate online but most times i will try to catch jcrew outlet during a sale and pick up a piece there! problem is they sell out so quickly online and there are so few left it’s hard to find unless you’re in the store. forever 21 is another go-to place for me (we all know that by now) especially for fun pieces that you may not be able to recycle all that much.
  • let me know how you like my picks and hope you’re able to spruce up your next ensemble with some fun jewels!

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