the slip on.

the slip on


a new flat i can love.
  • i know i have disclosed my dislike for ballet flats in the past and that’s only because they feel a bit too girly for me. i always see people wearing them and love them they just never feel right when i put them on.
  • i’m happy to see this 90’s comeback! these slip on’s were cool when i was a kid and i’m fairly certain that i had some vans in middle school so i could pretend i was grunge while listening to my green day cd.
  • these are not only comfy but they look so modern and chic and i love all the patterns and textures they are incorporating, especially the camel hair. i picked various price points and a few of these are on sale so make sure to snatch up what you love before it’s gone.
  • let me know how you feel about the trend!

2 thoughts on “the slip on.

  1. Molly

    Totally agree! I’m excited to see these slip ons back. Can’t decide if I’ll be adding leopard or camo to my closet first… decisions, decisions.


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